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Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones and Neave Décor can free up your planning time by offer you the finest Christmas decorating service in the Hudson Valley area of New York as well as parts of south eastern Connecticut. Decorate your home and outside space to reflect your love of the Christmas holidays with wonderfully simple or elaborately intricate décor. Neave Décor is a full service Christmas decorator that will serve you from start to finish from the installation to the takedown and storage of your decorations.

One of our specialties has been Christmas lighting installations. We are able to perform simple and complex jobs alike, offering you lighting systems and supplies that have been tested and approved for their energy efficiency, safety and performance.  At Neave Décor, you can also elect to have your systems fully automated so that your lights are only on when you want them to be. This can save on electricity throughout the holiday season, and give you a letting extra spending money for presents!

Don’t let unnecessary risks throw a hiccup in to your holiday plans. Our professional teams will quickly and efficiently install all of your Christmas decoration for you. If you’re tired of suiting up to hang the outdoor Christmas lights, then let us do it for you too! Neave Décor offers full installation services for both indoors and outdoors no matter the size of your home.

We’ll also perform a full take down service and restore your home to its normal conditions after the holiday season as part of the package. This includes storage for all of your leased Neave decor off site at our own storage facilities. Leave the hard work to the professionals at Neave Décor so you can focus on spending that precious holiday time with family and friends like you’re supposed to.

Neave Décor also offers a Christmas Tree decorating service as well! We can supply ornaments, decorations and lighting and do all the Christmas decorating for you. Take-down of your Christmas tree decorations is included in the service as well.

Not only will Neave Décor dress your home accordingly with the perfect Christmas decorative services and Christmas lighting, we also offer repair, refurbishing and replacement services at no additional cost. We proudly service our customers proactively, offering regular maintenance visits to check up on your arrangements to make sure they are in the best condition possible and that all electrical systems are functioning at optimal levels. If you have any immediate issues with your decorative services or lighting, simply call our 24/7 customer service line to book an appointment.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of stress free enjoyment. Spend time with your family and friends and let Neave Décor properly outfit your home for the Christmas holidays! Contact us today to get started on your holiday cheer with our family at Neave Décor.

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My outdoor holiday decor is outstanding. Thank you so much. By the way I have recommended your company to other people. One family might have called today. Thanks for a great job. Merry Christmas.
Eva VeleScarsdale, NY

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