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The winter holidays are a special time of year in all aspects of your life, and if you own a business it’s the perfect time to show your customers your holiday cheer! Neave Décor offers a fully customized Christmas decorating service for all of your holiday needs to let you share in the holiday spirit with your customers instead of stifling this merry time of year like a Grinch. We can easily and quickly dress your store, business or restaurant to resemble Santa’s village or dress it any way you’d like! Our Christmas decorating service will personify your passion for the holiday season and allow you to celebrate the holidays with your customers.

You’ll start by meeting with a Neave Decorator in person and discussing all of your ideas. Meetings can be held at your commercial site, or wherever else you feel comfortable, though we recommend meeting on site to speed up the process. After selecting the Christmas decor you would like to use from our extensive catalogue, and discussing any custom designs you would like to have, you and your personal decorator will begin the process of arranging them.

Don’t worry about lifting a finger during the installation because we have professional installers on hand to serve you! Concentrate on your Christmas sales, and your personal time with your own loved ones, and leave the Christmas decorating to us. We’ll perform all the installation, schedule proactive maintenance visits to ensure quality and even perform a take down service to return your store back to normal after the holidays!

Splash LightsChristmas lighting design and installation remains one of our favorite services, and has been one of our specialties for over a decade. This includes indoor and outdoor lighting. These lighting systems can be fully automated, semi-automated or controlled manually to brighten up your commercial property just the way you want it. The choice is up to you, and by working with our exceptional Christmas decorating service you won’t have to stress about dangerous ladder work or hard labor.

Imagine having a vibrant, custom designed window display that portrays your Christmas spirit to the community. Decorate your entryway with wreaths and colorful ornaments to say “Season’s Greetings!” to all of your customers and clients. Make your store, restaurant or business your own, personal winter wonderland and send a yuletide message of joy and happiness to each and every patron that pays you a visit during the holidays!
As the season rolls on, we know that you would rather spend your energy focusing on your business which is why Neave Décor is available 24/7 by phone to address any concerns that you have. All repairs and maintenance will be included in the price so that you don’t have to worry if anything happens during the holidays. This allows you to focus your attention towards running your business during these months and enjoying time with your customers.

At Neave Décor it is with great pride that we offer you a full line of Christmas decorating services. These include:
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  • Commercial grade holiday and Christmas decorations
  • Custom designs and arrangements
  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 customer support by phone
  • Proactive in-season maintenance
  • Complete take down services with restoration and storage
By leasing your decorations and arrangements from Neave Décor, you won’t have to worry about take down and storage either. Our installers will come and remove all Christmas decorations, restoring your business to its prior condition and take all of your leased items to our storage facilities. Likewise, you can schedule a take down service and immediately have our teams install New Year’s, Valentine’s Day or winter décor as well. The Christmas decorating services you enlist from Neave Décor can be a part of your seasonal schedule, which reduces stress as you prime your business for each holiday, or it can be a one-time event.

Fill your commercial site with a sense of wonderment, excitement and holiday cheer by using our fully customized, personal, Christmas decorating service. Contact us at Neave Décor today to find out more details and speak with our design specialists so that your business is dressed properly for the holiday rush!

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I just arrived home from work. I wanted to let you know that I think it is STUNNING. The other words that come to mind are MAGNIFICENT, GORGEOUS, and SPECTACULAR. Truly amazing – I wish I could keep it up all year. I just hope I can do the outside justice with the interior decorating. Thank you for the excellent design work and for having the team take care of the grounds again. I know the Newburgh-Highlands Historical Society will be immensely pleased.

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