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Decorate your business with the perfect seasonal and holiday decorating services from Neave Décor! We work with many local businesses throughout the Hudson Valley area of New York, as well as parts of south-eastern Connecticut to help them they celebrate the holidays with their customers and we can certainly address all your needs with our complete commercial decorating service. You’ll have plenty of input during the design phase, and then Neave Décor will do all the set-up, take-down and storage for you.

Christmas Decorations in a Shopping Mall

Neave Décor is a proactive decorating service that offers a 24/7 customer service phone line. Each and every one of our products is made from the best commercial grade materials, and our customer services are next to none. You’ll work with a single contact point while with Neave Décor to ensure a streamlined process that helps guarantee that your vision remains intact. It is our goal to realize our clients’ dreams and turn them into reality.

Managing your own business is time consuming to begin with, and preparing your commercial property for each and every holiday can be overwhelming. Make this an efficient experience by using our year-round decorative services. We can schedule installation and take-down services to prepare your business for each and every holiday as they roll through. This is a valuable service during the later months when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas roll in back-to-back-to-back months. Maximize your holiday exposure by taking advantage of our limitless commitment to our own clients.

At Neave Décor you can expect the best service and commercial grade decorations. Our service packages can include:

  1. Custom Designed Décor Packages
  2. Professional installation
  3. Service and maintenance (if required)
  4. Take-down service with restoration (if required)
  5. Storage of items
  6. 24/7 telephone support

We are available all year round throughout each and every holiday including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and national holidays. Discover all the benefits of working with New York’s and Connecticut’s premier decorating service by contacting Neave Décor today!

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Love Love LOVE!!!! Best Christmas present I could have asked for!!!! The guys were fantastic!!!!!
KMFairfield, CT

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